Williamsburg International Film & Music Competition

written by

Jonathan Fear

Vederius Ligustus, joins the Roman army to honour the family name after struggling to cope with a devastating tragedy. He is sent to Northern Britannia to train for the final push into ancient Scotland. There he is duped by a power hungry General into believing that two officers lead a gang of bandits hounding the Legion and have murdered a brother in his squad. The General convinces Vederius to swear a sacred oath to kill the two men. He places Vederius in the scouts to help him with this task. They don’t want him at first and it’s only after Vederius displays his fighting skills that a strong bond of brotherhood finally develops. When Vederius discovers the whole premise was based on deceit, the General must take steps to have him killed. Torn between the bonds of brothers in battle and his sacred oath of vengeance, Vederius finds he can’t recant the latter or ignore the former.