Student Film Program
Knitting Factory | 9/10/2016 | 3:00PM - 5:00PM
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From the Bassment        Syd
From the Bassment (Music Video)
by Justin Malone

He's a mortician who really loves his job; the fact that she's dead makes him feel alive.
   Syd (Music Video)
by Jonathan Fasulo

Precious Gorgeous featuring Crimdella and Shelbi Bennett in the music video for SYD (Survive Your Dreams).
Excellent Coffee        My Cousin Klara
Excellent Coffee
by Barak Barkan

A comedy about a young Israeli, Benny, who tries to find a roommate for his two-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg. After sifting through New York City's worst characters he bonds with Waalid over a cup of coffee. However his prejudice gets in the way of letting him into his life.
   My Cousin Klara
by Aviva Neuman

Two young girls on the run get a ride from a dangerous man.
Grounded        The Deadlight
by Celine Cotran
Four adults in kids' clothes are trapped in a playroom. Their dangerous games become a nightmare of their own making when one of them calls for 'Mummy' to intervene.
   The Deadlight
by Wasef El-Kharouf
When a young revolutionary wakes up in an otherworldly interrogation room with no recollection of who she is or how she got there, an investigation ensues as it pores through her memories, revealing her true purpose and intent.
Daylily Day        An Exercise in Style
Daylily Day
by Steph Spector

A young couple navigates love and loss.
   An Exercise in Style
by Anthony Arnone

A guy romantically pursues a girl and gets thwarted by her boyfriend, shot in five different film styles.
Final Cassette    
Final Cassette
by Lianghong Deng

Following the clues of the past cassettes, an obsessive bookstore owner needs to find the last cassette a girl left to him, so he can finish the magical story hidden in his memory.

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