WILLiFEST congratulates our 2016 Soundtrack Competition winners

This is the 3rd year of our Soundtrack Competition and as in 2015, picking the top winners from the many excellent submissions we received was a difficult task.



Glasgow Girl
music by The Atomik Age Project
Email:  wildduck168(at)gmail(dot)com

The Atomik Age Project

         (Band photo personnel L-R) Christina Dempsey, Philip Curcuru, Jim Ceribello and Lou DiNatale. Not shown
          in photo, Roger Fiorentin.             GG Film Poster designed by Mike Curcuru at Whitedog Design Studios.

"Glasgow Girl," written and produced by Philip Curcuru and performed by The Atomik Age Project, is a tribute to a girl named Anna. Through words and music, "Glasgow Girl" tributes a Scottish mother's love for her family, and the lifelong happiness they shared.

The Atomik Age Project has been honored to date with 4 Best Original Soundtrack Awards, and a Finalist Nomination for Best Original Music Score at the 2016 TMC London Film and Music Festival.



Sonnet 134
music by 
Steven von Kampen
Email:  svonkampen(at)mac(dot)com

Steven von Kamden

Steven von Kampen is a composer working in Southern California. His influences range from Bernard Herrmann to Cliff Martinez. Steven describes his scores as a "lush minimalism that stays out of the way, yet still provides an unforced emotional impact."



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