Short Film Program
Knitting Factory | 9/11/2016 | 2:30PM - 4:30PM
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Holiday Help Desk        Swing Out
Holiday Help Desk (Commercial)
by Sofia Garza-Barba

Holiday and event characters work together in a special "help center" to help humans find the perfect gift for that special occasion. After Cupid spots a guy in desperate need for help, he sends a gift from Shari's Berries and saves the day.
   Swing Out (Music Video)
by Rob Scratch Mitchell

We are channeled back to 1940's era where people danced to live music with a partner, and twirled each other into the night!
Brad Advice Bond Trader        Honey Bunny
Brad Advice - Bond Trader
by Brandt Johnson

When the rich and famous need advice, they turn to Brad Johnston. He's full of it.
   Honey Bunny
by Luca Bertoluzzi

The story of a child who's found in a cinema in 1994 - immediately after a screening of Pulp Fiction - and who hasn't left since.
The Suitor        Communication
The Suitor
by Alvaro Congosto
The Suitor is a fiction film about a lonely man that, thanks to Orson Welles' War of the Worlds radio show, had the chance to spend one night in companion. The happiest night of his life.
by Anna Jones
Two friends discuss the frustrations and nuances of dating in 2016 before discovering they have feelings for each other.
Unwritten        Afffection
by Anita R. Carroll

A young woman returns to New York City and grapples with heartbreak, loss, and things unsaid.
by Chiahao Chou

A young couple tries to salvage their relationship after the grief of a miscarriage spawns tension between them.
Glass Flowers   To Die or to Dream
Glass Flowers
by Petol Weekes

Glass Flowers tells the story of a young girl's struggle for self-acceptance and her mother who helps her to get there.
   To Die or to Dream
by Peilin Kuo

Chinese American actress, Anna May Wong, is caught in a dark alternate celluloid reality. She relives her cinematic past over and over while deciding how she wants to be portrayed as an actress.
by Randy Yang

A woman's racist remark is captured on video by two teenage black girls.

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