Virtual Reality: A Tool for Content Creators

Presented by Center for Active Learning

Saturday, September 10, 2016

1:00pm - 3:00pm

308 Bedford Avenue
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Open to all Saturday and Full Festival Passholders

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         Panel Description:










For a content creator, VR presents the perfect opportunity to remain relevant in a landscape that is constantly evolving.  During this event, creators of every level will gain invaluable insight to the VR market from leaders in the industry.

What is the current state of the VR Market?

Who are the major players in creation and distribution?

Can Quality VR content be produced as an independent?  What tools are available?

Which content works best in the VR platform? Why?

Is VR production accessible and affordable ?

These questions and many others will be addressed during this interactive panel.



Jack Donovan is a software engineer at IrisVR and has been working on architectural visualization for virtual reality since July 2014. He is the author of Mastering Oculus Rift Development, scheduled for publication by Packt Publishing in September 2016. Previously, he wrote DIY/maker articles for and developed indie games in a small company comprised of college peers. Jack studied Game Programming with a focus on VR and AR at Champlain College in Vermont.


Richard Bottoms is a software developer, technologist, Independent Filmmaker and founder of GlassHand VR.

Email: glasshandvr(at)gmail(dot)com


Max Bolotov is an Account Director & Executive Producer at Koncept VR.

Max applies years of expertise in immersive content and marketing savvy to develop collaborative client relationships. While helping clients navigate through the possibilities of traditional & Live Streaming 360° VR, Max is able to discern valuable insights that allow our clients to engage their audience with unique brand experiences.

Joanna White Oldham is a Writer/Director/Producer and the founder of the Center for Active Learning. Her first short film, CoCo, is an official selection of the 2015 International Black Women's Film Festival. Mrs. White-Oldham was also awarded the BRIC Arts Media B Free Award in 2015 for production of Chronic Visibility, a talk show that celebrates survivors of illness and other traumatic events.

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