Documentary Block I
Knitting Factory | 9/11/2016 | 12:30PM - 2:30PM
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Listen        Antarctica
Listen (Music Video)
by Benny Rendell

Written and performed by AM4, "Listen" is a song about teen bullying and its aftermath. The music video was shot and directed by 12 year old Benny Rendell.
by Reuben Hernandez

Antarctica is a short documentary that features one second a day during a more than two month long journey from NYC to The Great White Continent.
Muir Song        Underground Notes
Muir Song
by Janssen Powers

This film visually and emotionally captures the energy and attitude of exploring the Pacific Northwest through the eyes of people who do so religiously. Narrated by infamous Mountaineer Lou Whittaker who is a living example of explorer and environmentalist John Muir.
   Underground Notes
by Ben Dolphin

Musicians struggle to make a living playing their music in the NYC subway.
Life Through a Lens        NYChapters Jerry
Life Through a Lens
by Jeffrey Levenson
Life Through a Lens follows Robert's journey with APBD and how he has chosen to face it. Robert's hope is to empower those living with the challenges, physical and otherwise, brought on by APBD and all debilitating diseases, to know and harness optimism and possibility in life.
   NYChapters: Jerry
by Alexander Hankoff
Stories taken from New York's five boroughs.
Diary of a Girl        Tuesday Dinners
Diary of a Girl
by Believe Media

Sara Marandi's cinematic short about discovery in Bangkok.
   Tuesday Dinners
by Joseph Aceves

A story of hope surrounding a Grandmother whom moved from China to the United States for a better life.
Juana and Cande    
Juana and Cande
by Adam Taub

An intimate portrait of an old married couple and their large family in rural Dominican Republic.

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