US Shorts Program

Williamsburg Cinemas | 9/25/2015 | 5:30PM - 7:30PM
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All Over        Strings
All Over (Music Video)
by Christopher Carboni

This is the official music video for the song 'All Over' by Cruisr. In it, we cycle through the turmoil of a volatile relationship through the lens of cinema's most iconic film romances.
by Jimmy Loweree

A woman is kept sedated by a cold-blooded kidnapper.
Acoustic Space        Neighbors
Acoustic Space
by Anthony Marinelli

Michael and Arlene are sharing a romantic, elegant dinner... despite being interrupted by their ringing cell phones.
by Annie Fung

Dirk, a programmer for a dating app, has never had any problems building code. His only problem is building the courage to talk to girls. When he finds his neighbor's misplaced bra, he believes this is his chance to meet her and goes on the excruciating mission to return it.
Marvin        Hiding Blame
by Mitchell Lazar

Upon his release from juvenile detention, sent there in place of his older brother, Marvin must decide between forgiveness or revenge.
   Hiding Blame
by Scott Ballard

Three parents struggle to make sense of an act of violence that has left one teen dead and another in custody. As they grapple with their grief and their questions, it becomes clear none of them knew all that was going on in their sons' lives. It is also clear that at least one person knows more than he or she will admit about what really happened that night.
A Band of Thieves        Pushing Buttons
A Band of Thieves
by Fidel Ruiz-Healy

Josie, a young, western-obsessed girl, is hell-bent on turning her quiet Texas suburb into the lawless playground of her imagination.
   Pushing Buttons
by Jonathan Landau

A short comedy about five coworkers who think they are on their way to a Saturday meeting, but find out their company has other plans for them.
Family on Board    
Family on Board
by George Pogatsia

Mike Petito, a family man and biker, receives a questionable prison sentence. On his way to report to jail he reflects on his life and anticipates what lies ahead for him and his young family... that's when catastrophe strikes. This heartbreaking New York story stars four-time Golden Globe and Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts.

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