Student Film Program II
Williamsburg Cinemas | 9/26/2015 | 5:30PM - 7:30PM
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The Hope of a Nation        Irreparable Damage
The Hope of a Nation (Music Video)
by Jeff Dean

Four young people of different races and genders - a track star, a concert pianist, a math student studying for a test, and a volunteer - struggle with goals that will lead to a brighter future. Each has a moment where they want to give up, but they all buckle down and obtain their goals.
   Irreparable Damage
by Julian Aboui

A little girl encounters her first experience with bullying when she is verbally abused by two older boys on a school bus.
Dazzling Shadow        Playthings
Dazzling Shadow
by Dojoon Yoo

The light of hope dazzles the shadow of despair.
by Brian Boenau & Bryan Loy
Like most children, Mason is convinced that there's a monster living in his closet. At first frightened, Mason soon discovers that the monster, Tyr, simply wants to play with him. What was once an innocent friendship soon turns destructive as Mason - now a young man fears that his relationship with Tyr is beginning to encroach upon his personal life... and potentially his sanity.
The Deaths of Jamie Smith        In Loving Memory of Uncle Harold
The Deaths of Jamie Smith
by Steven Jean-Jacques
Two immortal sisters fight over whether their immortality is a gift or a curse.
   In Loving Memory of Uncle Harold
by Lily van Leeuwen
At a reunion Winnie tries to bring her estranged family members closer together by playing a family game. Although intentions are good, soon all hell breaks loose.
by Julio Mas Alcaraz

Laura was abandoned as an infant by her mother. She lives with her grandma and for two weeks every summer she visits her father, a logger, who lives alone in the forest. A man of few words, the father is unable to communicate with his adolescent daughter. As the silence between them grows, Laura turns to nature for company, especially with old trees, and starts a strange communication with them.

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