Student Film Program I
Williamsburg Cinemas | 9/26/2015 | 3:00PM - 5:00PM
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The Picture        Capture
The Picture (Music Video)
by Scott Bolger

Man in The Woods.
by Tamar Rudoy

After discovering her portrait in a new exhibition downtown, Nofar begins pursuing the elusive image of herself.
O        Ketchup Kid
by Lungyin Lim

Leaving behind his own obstructions, a life without emotions isn't easy for the man. Stroke after stroke, he seeks the ideal contour of something beyond. One day, a strange encounter with his mirror images drives the man to unmask the true faces of his surroundings.
   Ketchup Kid
by Patrick Vollrath

11-year old Paul lives in his own world. When one day he meets a desperate boy named Aleksander, he realizes that it's easier to walk one's life's path with a friend rather than alone.
Customer Service        Bicycles
Customer Service
by Aimee Graham
A weary, passive aggressive cell phone technician deals with the pitfalls of working at CellTechs, a sub par cell phone company. To pass the time he creates fictitious dating profiles, dreams of Tahiti, and toys with disgruntled customers. He meets his match in Rebekah, an unruly customer who calls for assistance.
by John Lazration
A food production worker in a dystopian future begins to question his company's policies and flavor department.
Collection Day         
Collection Day
by Pedro Estevez

"Do you have the rent or not?" - this is a greedy landlord's standard question, who on a routine visit to collect the rent is taken hostage by a tenant who's on the brink of losing everything.

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