WILLiFEST congratulates our 2015 Soundtrack Competition winners

This is the 2nd year of our Soundtrack Competition and as in 2014, picking the top winners from the many excellent submissions we received was a difficult task. Below is our Winner and two Honorable Mentions.




All Things Chicken
music by Ben Wise
Email: benergy(at)me(dot)com

Ben Wise

Hailing from the humble outskirts of Greensboro, NC, Wise's musical journey began before he can even remember, having a mother who taught piano and a father who was a high school band instructor.

Moving to the tiny suburb of Jamestown and taking more an interest in electric guitar, Wise helmed some of the more well-known punk/DIY bands in the NC music scene of the 90s while also attending the University Of North Carolina. Dropping out of college in his early 20’s to enroll in an audio engineering program in New York City was the best decision he could've made. While he also moved northward to front a band, he was more focused on a less dicey future working in recording studios. He began cowriting with some of the staff composers. It was an entry into the world of composing, if in the most bizarrely unimaginable way; from punk rocker to jingle writer.

A move to Los Angeles in 2002 and subsequent composing gigs and freelance work saw his skill set vastly improve and he’s never looked back. He continues to chart his own path bringing a fresh approach to whatever he works on, whether it’s a :15 commercial, a 4-minute song or a 40-minute film. Wise continues to record albums and gig with solo project Ben Wise and indie/folk band TINY goliath.

In a figurative wasteland, two guys are so stuck in their lives that they must pass the time by talking about profound things in profoundly foolish ways. “All Things Chicken” is both a comedy drama about how NOT to live one's life, yet also a paean to the saving grace of friendship.


in alphabetical order


1 For 2
music by Tin Ho Man
Email: hmtmusic(at)gmail(dot)com

Tin Ho Man


Old Days
music by The Atomik Age Project
Email: wildduck168(at)gmail(dot)com

The Atomik Age Project

The Atomik Age Project is a labor of love by a group of lifelong friends whose talents and energies focus on keeping shared memories alive. All songs are written and produced by band member and guitarist Phil Curcuru. The group has been honored with the "Best Pop Soundtrack" award at the 2008 Staten Island Directors Chair Film Festival for "Wild One" (a Marlon Brando tribute film) and in 2014 at the Garden State Film Festival for "4 Ever Fab" (a Beatles tribute film). All films are co-produced and directed by band members Phil Curcuru, Jim Ceribello, and Lou DiNatale.

Their latest film and song, "Old Days," attempts to revisit the places where they grew up and the times that they lived through. The Atomik Age Project members are: Jim Ceribello, lead vocals; Lou DiNatale, keyboards; Christina Dempsey, vocals; Mike Micara, drums; Roger Fiorentino, bass; Stu Seiderman, sax; Bob Aniano, guitar; Dan Giangiobbe, vocals; Phil Curcuru, guitar.


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