WILLiFEST congratulates our 2015 Screenplay Competition winners

This is the 6th year of our Screenplay Competition and as in 2014, picking the top winners from the many excellent submissions we received was a difficult task. We read each script carefully and scored each one in over a dozen categories ranging from story development/arc through typographical errors. This year's submissions ran the gamut from kid-friendly animation to gothic horror with a generous sprinkling of futuristic and ancient tales, and everything in between. Below are our top three winners and ten Honorable Mentions. As was the case last year, if you submitted a screenplay and are not on this list, often you were in close contention for one of our awards.

written by
Raolat Abiola

Raolat AbiolaSynopsis: Birdie and Jitterbug have been madly in love since the day they met at Grover Secure Psychiatric Institute. After their dramatic and homicidal escape from Grover, they find themselves on the run from the law. They will eviscerate all who try to stop them, 'cause they love each other; and woe betide anyone who gets in the way of that.

Bio: Raolat Abiola was born in Atlanta, raised in New York, and spent years living in London and west Africa. She graduated from Cornell University, studied at Tisch, and got her graduate screenwriting degree from the University of Leeds. She is passionate about story, lives on the Mendocino Coast, and prefers to express herself almost exclusively through her art.

Email:  raolat.abiola(at)gmail(dot)com

written by
Dylan Allen
story by
Eddy Vallante & Dylan Allen

Dylan Allen and Eddy VallanteSynopsis: In an age when water is rapidly becoming the new oil, an ambitious engineer reluctantly returns home after public doubt is cast on the sustainability of the local reservoir. But as he reconnects with the family he fled and the community he left behind, he begins to struggle with the reason he's back: to flood his hometown.

Bios: Dylan Allen is a writer/director based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where he founded Amalgamated Picture Co. "Epilogue," his latest short film, premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. Amalgamated Picture Co. strives to produce the very finest in hand-made, quality motion pictures for your enjoyment.

Eddy Vallante is a freelance producer living in New York City where he has worked with such creative production companies as Hayden 5 Media, Mixtape Club, {group theory}, Test Pattern Media, Amalgamated Picture Co., James Chororos Studio, Legs Media, Bodega Studios and Decoupage Productions. He has produced several short films including Epilogue, which premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival and was featured by The Atlantic, Fast Company and Vimeo Staff Picks. Eddy began his career in Los Angeles working in post production on the final seasons of the HBO series The Sopranos.
Email:  dylan(at)amalgamatedpictureco(dot)com & eddy(at)amalgamatedpictureco(dot)com

written by
Steve Warren

Steve WarrenSynopsis: Two women loved him but he preferred his music... and other men. The true life story of Russia's foremost composer, Peter (Pyotr) Tchaikovsky.

Bio: A former Navy pilot and high school teacher and tennis coach, Steve now writes for both screen and stage. He's managed by the Laura Barrett Management Company of Los Angeles.

Email:  stevewarren(at)aol(dot)com





in alphabetical order


20/20: Search for Independence
written by Harold L. Brown
Email: haroldbrown(at)telusplanet(dot)net

Harold Brown
In 2020, the United States’ relationship with Canada is tense and tenuous, and the world is a changed place. Canada and China are aggressively pursuing a China-Canada Energy Alliance Agreement, centered on the most actively traded commodity in the world–oil. JEFF BEKK, an inventor with a “secret” prototype that can replace oil, must reassess who he can trust as he struggles to survive Chinese, Canadian and United States forces vying to steal the technology and achieve global dominance. When his invention is stolen and it appears things cannot get any worse, Jeff discovers he’s part of a more sinister and elaborate plot and he must find a way to prevent an international disaster from occurring on Canadian soil.

Bioterror Conspiracy
written by Louis C. Lio, M.D.
Email: superwiz(at)optonline(dot)net

Louis Lio
With new diplomacy with Cuba at stake after 50 years of Cold War, a beautiful Navy SEAL must stop a Naval Officer from making a lethal biological weapon, as sex, murder, and espionage mix with science, history, and politics.

written by Gregory P. Wolk
Email: gregorypwolk(at)gmail(dot)com

Gregory P. Wolk
Born dead but revived by his father's quick action, Incredibull is a naive young bull who wonders how the world really works beyond his pasture. He wanders the Spanish countryside, becoming fast friends with a crazy rooster and a gentle female pit bull he saves from a fighting ring, chased by the ringleader who pursues him and the animals he liberated. Incredibull realizes that his ultimate fate is to fight in the ring, but naively believes he has a chance against the matador. He doesn't really understand that in Spain, bullfights mean death for the bull.

Pig Ideas
written by Christopher Setten
Email: chris.setten(at)gmail(dot)com

Christopher Setten
While the lonely Quinn's main job is to enforce the rules at a second-rate Wall Street firm, the real money is made by  laundering money for criminals. When other firms lure away his clients with more attractive "services," a desperate Quinn counters by designing a "get rich quick" scheme that backfires after his new-found love uses it to try and save her dying child.

Rancho Mirage
written by Greg Chandler
Email: g.chandler(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

Greg Chandler
In the vein of Tarantino and the Coen Brothers, RANCHO MIRAGE is a neo-Western action thriller about Trace Hopwood, an aging, macho, retired 1970s movie actor, now living in a remote Mojave Desert house, and his complex relationship with his gay adult son. When attacked by a teenage Manson-like psychopath and his female followers, father and son reluctantly join forces, battling the young crazies, and repairing their messed up relationship in the process.

The Characters
written by Theo Lipfert
Email: theo.lipfert(at)gmail(dot)com

Theo Lipfert
When police clear Times Square of panhandlers, a gang of costumed hustlers journeys across America in search of their dignity.

The Real Thing
written by Beth and Gar Hoover
Email: bhoover(at)ideafarm(dot)me

Beth and Gary Hoover
After posing as a contestant on a reality show, a struggling actress is paid under the table to play newlywed to an amorous cowboy who believes they got married for real.

The Red
written by Noam Friedlander
Email: noam25(at)hotmail(dot)com

Noam Friedlander
“The Red” is a lovestory/comedy about a young Christian Arab, Walid O’Donnell, a huge Liverpool FC fan, who lives in war-torn Beirut during the 1980s. The city is at war, with limited power, and he wants to watch the Cup Winner's Cup Final - however, the only people with a working generator are Hezbollah.

Thursdays with Adolf
written by Keith Planit
Email: ex1machina(at)aol(dot)com

Keith Planit
A satire of the coming-of-age genre, it's that old story of two teen boys who are forced to suffer the life lessons of a nasty old man they work for over the summer in order to ultimately become better people... only, this time, as they learn about life in spite of themselves, they discover The Old Man may actually be an aged Hitler who once transferred his brain into a new body... and now elderly, needs to do so again.

War 2.0
written by James Hsiao

Email: james_j_hsiao(at)yahoo(dot)com
James Hsiao
A surgeon who once served time in Afghanistan returns to Chicago, only to be confronted with a string of mass casualty events – later revealed to be terrorist attacks – thereby reawakening painful memories and forcing him back into his role of wartime surgeon.


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