Writers' Lounge Panel

Presented by Center for Active Learning

Saturday, September 26, 2015

2:00pm - 5:30pm

308 Bedford Avenue
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Open to all Saturday and Full Festival Passholders
(Space is limited, first come first served)


'Begin at the beginning, the King said, very gravely, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.' – Lewis Carroll

You can’t finish a project if you never start it. This year we hope to stimulate the writer in you with a dynamic series of panels and workshops that are designed to get you the information you need without unnecessary fluff.

2:00 – 3:00 PM

Books & Blogs

Why haven’t you written that book or started that blog? Authors Kirt Gonzales and G. Anthony Williams are sure to inspire you by sharing their writing process and experience.

Dr. Kirt Gonzales is author of The Chauncey Street Monster a harrowing account of the murder of his sister at the hands of her ex-husband. He is now an advocate for domestic violence victims and a licensed Christian Counselor with a private counseling practice in Greensboro, North Carolina. Dr. Gonzales' specialities include treating substance abuse, grief and family issues.

G. Anthony Williams is an accomplished beauty expert, brand ambassador and entertainment professional. His many editorial credits include Vogue, GQ, AccessHollywood.com and Black Enterprise Magazine. Mr. Williams currently produces Community with G Anthony on Brooklyn Public Network, which was nominated for a B Free award in 2014.

Felicia Lin is the co-author of a romantic comedy novel titled Metropolicks. Published in 2014, the book shares the stories of five characters as they go through hilarious dating and relationship adventures in New York City. She is currently working with Taiwanese activist and historian, Su Beng, on the production of a documentary and writing his memoir in English.

Lauren DiTomasso grew up looking at life as a series of social experiments; fascinated by the capabilities of human thoughts, emotions and actions. She followed this path to Sacred Heart University, where she earned her Master’s degree in Community Psychology. She has been an avid journal-er since the 5th grade, and always felt an urge to take her writing a step further. As a way to get things out of her head and into the world, she developed Out There Social. Through consistency, passion, and genuine excitement, the blog grew from a cluster of ideas, to a movement that is inspiring others to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things!

3:15 – 4:15 PM

Screenwriting 101

Do you have an idea for a movie that you’ve been sitting on but you aren’t sure where to start? What goes into a script? What is a treatment? Should you outline your story before you start writing? Robb Gilmore will address these and other essential questions to jump start your screenwriting journey.

Robb Gilmore is a talented Screenwriter and Producer with a diverse range of skills and experience. Mr. Gilmore acted as Lee Daniels’ personal assistant during the production of the feature films Woodsman (2004) and Shadowboxer (2005). His most recent credit is Associate Producer of Checkpoints (2014). Mr. Gilmore currently teaches Camera, Audio and Lighting for BRIC Arts Media.

4:30 – 5:30 PM

Challenges of the Writer/Director

Deciding to do it all yourself can be both daunting and exciting. What are some of the pitfalls? This panel features emerging writers/directors who will speak candidly about their experience for your benefit.

Jim Malone is a Writer/Director/Producer based in Oceanside, NY. His screenplay, Turning Two, was a grand prize winner in the Shoot in Philadelphia Screenwriting Competition (2012). He wrote and directed the pitch video for the Turning Two crowdfunding campaign which successfully raised $10,000.

Joanna White-Oldham is a Writer/Director/Producer and the founder of the Center for Active Learning. Her first short film, CoCo, is an official selection of the 2015 International Black Women's Film Festival. Mrs. White-Oldham was also awarded the BRIC Arts Media B Free Award in 2015 for production of Chronic Visibility, a talk show that celebrates survivors of illness and other traumatic events.

Lauren DiTomasso
Out There Social
Blogger/Social Media Expert
Robb Gilmore
Dr. Kirt Gonzales
Felicia Lin
Jim Malone
Joanna White-Oldham
Center for Active Learning
G. Anthony Williams
Makeup Artistry Instructor/Writer

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