Feature Film Program III
Videology | 9/26/2015 | 6:30PM - 8:30PM
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Top of the Game        Meet the Girls
Top of the Game (Music Video)
by Ian Cinco

"Top Of The Game" is a music video directed by Ian Cinco for musician/actor Ohene Cornelius (music produced by TeV95). This visual assault on the senses is a discussion piece where the audience is charged to look at the images in pop culture and rap music in a dynamic clash of expectation and change of convention. The video is intended to be a playful exploration of a journey towards self-realization and represents a part of ourselves that we aren't always aware of.
   Meet the Girls
by Joseph A. Eulo

There is a dark and invisible side of the United States: human trafficking.
Arising        Bar Songs
by Ben Dolphin

Nine dancers dance, dive, and fly through a waterfall, helping each other and transforming from un-individuated creatures to triumphant flying angels. Here we first meet the Silver Woman who in each film in the ARISING Trilogy is the harbinger and catalyst of change, engendering and supporting the notion that women play leading roles in creating the future success of the species and our planet.
   Bar Songs (Feature)
by Ryan Collins

A hapless alcoholic embarks on a musical quest for love and acceptance, through the bars and streets of Queens, New York and the trenches of his booze-addled mind.

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