Family Film Program
Williamsburg Cinemas | 9/26/2015 | 1:00PM - 3:00PM
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The Hope of a Nation        100 Dresses for Christmas
The Hope of a Nation (Music Video)
by Jeff Dean

Four young people of different races and genders - a track star, a concert pianist, a math student studying for a test, and a volunteer - struggle with goals that will lead to a brighter future. Each has a moment where they want to give up, but they all buckle down and obtain their goals.
   100 Dresses for Christmas
by Anastasia Foss

A 6-year old girl gets inspired, after watching the original Annie movie, to make 100 dresses for Christmas 2014 with the oversight and directional help of her seamstress mother.
Adam of the Sheetlands        Pinocchio
Adam of the Sheetlands
by Elliott Cattell

After running away from his father, an unruly young boy struggles to learn empathy.
by Benjamin Falah

Russian emigres, Bella and Alex Gaba have made the sale of comic books the source of their family's well being since their arrival in the United States from the Ukraine in 1973. High school sophomore and native Brooklynite, Ben Falah takes us inside Pinocchio's, a Brooklyn landmark he has visited almost every day after school for the past three years.
Theodora        Angelina
by Henry Chaisson & Travis Bogosian
A resourceful young girl prepares dinner for a friend.
by Marwan Mokbel
Angelina is a young angel who has no wings. Ashamed of her disability, and envious of her brothers, she is forced on a journey away from home, that changes her perspective.
Unofficial: JUDO        Dark Trails of the Broken North
Unofficial: JUDO
by Ivana Noa

This is the 11-year old director's perspective of Judo as art, presented through the eyes of a number of World and Olympic champions and trainers as well as a young generation of judo players. The film provides different views and personal feelings of 'win', 'lose', 'pain', 'friendship', 'talent'.
   Dark Trails of the Broken North
by Joseph Ciccarella

A boy recovers a stash of lost relics from an ancient stream in an endless forest. The contents within take him deeper than he would have liked and higher than he ever thought possible.
Will I Scatter Away?   Striking Chords
Will I Scatter Away?
by Emma Penaz Eisner

Danger threatens a man seeking himself in a dream-like landscape.
   Striking Chords
by Lauren Donati

Aiden, an introverted 8-year-old boy and his widower workaholic father struggle with a lack of communication. Through music and friendship can Aiden bridge the gap between his father and himself?

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