Documentary Block IV
Williamsburg Cinemas | 9/26/2015 | 8:00PM - 10:00PM
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Good and Ready        Finding Stars in Stucco Ceilings
Good and Ready (Music Video)
by Rick Kuperman & Jeff Kuperman

Shark attacks, poison, swords, lightsabers, a stake to the heart; all are more desirable than not having the love of your life. In this video for "Good and Ready," a boy and his three friends act out numerous, creative scenarios in which a person might perish, as Anthony D'Amato (along with three band members) sings, "I don't wanna wake up if it ain't next to you."
   Finding Stars in Stucco Ceilings
by Alex Sheriff

An experimental short documentary about the small, seemingly mundane stories that pass us by every day unnoticed. On this journey of the every-man we stop to acknowledge the importance of these tiny happenings and suddenly the rock we are kicking down the street can become the Earth hurling through space.
Steam Dream        Opening
Steam Dream
by Mischa Cantu

What is the deep reason that people participate in the different aspects of the steampunk culture? Is it an escape into a false nostalgia? Or a tech driven, retro-futuristic, Victorian-inspired escape?
   Opening (Feature)
by Thomas Deshays & Benoit Tanguy

A century ago, Paris set the pace for the international art world. Today, New York is where art careers are launched. Only a few artists are able to make a living with their talent so how do the rest survive?

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