Documentary Block III
Videology | 9/25/2015 | 6:30PM - 8:30PM
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Addicted        Xboundary
Addicted (Music Video)
by Matt Mailer

Over 100 people were asked to confess their addictions during an arts festival in Brooklyn, and a few of them are featured in this official music video for the song, "Addicted," by Salina Sias.
by Ryan Peterson

In the transboundary region of northern British Columbia and Alaska, many large-scale open-pit mines are proposed on the Canadian side of rivers that flow into Alaska, where salmon fishing and tourism are worth $2b annually. The 2014 tailings Mount Polley dam breach, just south of the transboundary region, validates the fears of many who view mining of this type as unsafe and incongruous with healthy salmon rivers.
Indispensable Shift: Fukushima, Tip of the Iceberg        Mountain of Servants
Indispensable Shift: Fukushima, Tip of the Iceberg
by Yoko Kubota

Can the global community come together to protect humanity as we face the possibility of a nuclear crisis? While being exposed to high levels of radiation which affected her health greatly, Yoko looked closely into the disaster at Fukushima. Japan, the size of California, has hundreds of fault lines and sits on four tectonic plates. With 50 reactors, the nuclear power industry is not properly regulated as proven by Japan's inability to effectively deal with the Fukushima situation.
   Mountain of Servants
by Daniel Lombroso

In a period of tumoil across the Middle East, five Syriac Orthodox Christians struggle to protect what's left of their Christian heritage in their dwindling community in Southeastern Turkey.
#chicagoGirl - The Social Network Takes on a Dictator    
#chicagoGirl - The Social Network Takes on a Dictator (Feature)
by Joe Piscatella

Armed only with a laptop, a smartphone, and her determination, 19-year-old Ala'a Basatneh is contributing to the Syrian revolution from her Chicago bedroom. She orchestrates an impressive array of social media to coordinate and protect the Syrian protesters from President Bashar al-Assad's rule of terror. And while she is out of the regime's reach, there's no telling when the other shoe will drop.

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