Documentary Block II
Videology | 9/25/2015 | 4:30PM - 6:30PM
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Addicted        Moto Borgatoro
Addicted (Music Video)
by Matt Mailer

Over 100 people were asked to confess their addictions during an arts festival in Brooklyn, and a few of them are featured in this official music video for the song, "Addicted," by Salina Sias.
   Moto Borgatoro
by Roberto Serrini

Part documentary, part pulp action film, all love and pure passion, "Moto Borgotaro" follows curmudgeon/savant mechanic Peter Boggia and the birth/creation of his custom 1979 Moto Guzzi Le Mans.
The Single Ladies of NY        Trever Thomas, Blind Hiker: Envision the Path
The Single Ladies of NY
by Michelle Ortega

Women of different ages (20's to 60's) share their experiences of looking for love in New York City.
   Trevor Thomas, Blind Hiker:
Envision the Path

by Sam Edwards

Accomplished hiker of the Appalachians, Pacific Crest and Long Trails, Trevor Thomas tells what it takes to traverse some of this nation's most difficult terrain without the benefit of sight.
The Way of the Kayak        Seven Ways from Sunday
The Way of the Kayak
by Richard Poe

Rolling a kayak is symbolic of death and rebirth - the terror of letting your boat capsize while you're jammed into the tight cockpit; the suspense of holding your breath while you hang upside down surrendered to the water; and the triumph of rolling it back up again and filling your lungs with air.
   Seven Ways from Sunday
by Robert Sickels

Every once in a while, often when we least expect it, somebody randomly interacts with us in a way that forces us to gaze upon ourselves through the lens of how others see us and that can forever alter our perception of how we fit into the world. Seven Ways from Sunday compellingly chronicles a series of these unexpectedly startling moments of personal revelation.
Powerful Medicine: Simply Magic        Pie Lady of Pie Town
Powerful Medicine: Simply Magic
by Mwita Chacha

Kevin Spencer has enjoyed a successful 30-year career touring the world with one of the largest theatrical illusion productions in the U.S. He is also a believer in the power of the arts to impact the quality of people's lives. That belief has taken him down some interesting paths working with people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
   Pie Lady of Pie Town
by Jane Rosemont

In the middle of the New Mexico desert, pie equals love. Kathy Knapp left her charmed, privileged life in Dallas to bake pie in dusty Pie Town, New Mexico, a once forgotten corner of the world with no traffic light, gas station, grocery store or motel. Why? To find her center and give the world pie.

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