Documentary Block I
Williamsburg Cinemas | 9/25/2015 | 1:00PM - 3:00PM
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No Fear        Seven Ways from Sunday
No Fear (Music Video)
by Billy Chrissochos

"No Fear" is Porphyra's Official MMA tribute music video from their new album "Faith, Struggle, Victory." The video takes us into the exciting, competitive MMA world of band member Mike "Risko" Savvas. "No Fear" is also the first video to feature both international Mixed Martial Artists and Pankration Greek Fighters.
   Seven Ways from Sunday
by Robert Sickels

Every once in a while, often when we least expect it, somebody randomly interacts with us in a way that forces us to gaze upon ourselves through the lens of how others see us and that can forever alter our perception of how we fit into the world. Seven Ways from Sunday compellingly chronicles a series of these unexpectedly startling moments of personal revelation.
Brooklyn United   After the Sweat Dries
Brooklyn United
by Tracey Aranella

Ty Brown is Executive Director of Brooklyn United, a Brooklyn, NY, marching band. BU keeps young people off the streets, from gangs and worse. We experience Ty's fall from grace due to alleged sexual misconduct with an underage, female band-member. The man, father and band director turn his life around.
   After the Sweat Dries (Feature)
by Thomas Cznarty

After the arena lights dim and applauding crowds go home, what would you do after the sweat dries?

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