Sunday, September 27, 2015
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

211 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
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Music Video:  Old Days (The Atomik Age Project)
directed by Phil Curcuru, Jim Ceribello and Lou DiNatale

Times change, music is forever. In 'Old Days,' we get the chance to revisit our youth and the happy, carefree, endless hours spent there. Old Days reflects upon those times and the relationships and events that made us who we are today. The Atomik Age Project: Jimmy Ceribello: Lead Vocals, Lou DiNatale: Keyboards, Christina Dempsey: Vocals, Mike Micara: Drums, Roger Fiorentino: Bass, Stu Seiderman: Sax, Dan Giangiobbe: Vocals, Phil Curcuru: Guitars.

RT:  71 min.




Short Film 1: Twelve Stories Down
directed by Girard Tecson

Being in a band isn't easy. Brooklyn's punk/pop band, Up For Nothing, has been together for almost a decade, but not without their ups and downs.
World Premiere

RT:  11 min.

Short Film 2: The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow
directed by Timothy Bradley

The film showcases five acclaimed singer-songwriters hailing from Western Massachusetts and their four-day roadshow throughout the Commonwealth. Through the interviews, performances and experiences captured while on the road, the film reveals the true warmth and beauty of what the Treaty represents: the confluence of music and people and its powerful effect on our shared experiences. This film has 100% original score.
Brooklyn Premiere

RT:  23 min.



Short Film 3: Traveling Shoes
directed by Bradly Dever Treadaway and
Justin Randolph Thompson

Drawing its title from an African American traditional folk song that speaks of the necessity for traveling shoes when death comes to call, the video and performance investigate a shifted labor hierarchy, where the shoe shiner provides the means for redemption.
World Premiere

RT:  14 min.

Short Film 4: Brooklyn United
directed by Tracey Anarella

Ty Brown is Executive Director of Brooklyn United, a Brooklyn, NY, marching band. BU keeps young people off the streets, out of gangs and worse. We experience Ty’s fall from grace due to alleged sexual misconduct with an underage, female band-member and how this man, father and band director turns his life around.
New York City Premiere

RT:  11 min.



Q&A will follow screenings
After the Films: Musical Performance
Brooklyn United Drumline

                  Brooklyn United Drumline

Directors: Ty Brown and Renita Leonce

Legend Parker
Altonio Stewart
Kizzie Smith
Rodney Smith
Royal Allah
Samantha Umphrey



5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

211 Bedford Avenue
(Corner of South 1st Street)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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