WILLiFEST congratulates our 2013 Screenplay Competition winners
2013 Winner – Screenplay Competition
Steven Prowse
Steven Prowse

Synopsis: Shortly before a US Presidential election the Attorney General is assassinated.  The FBI sets up a special team to investigate but along the way have to deal with the President, who wants some sort of closure before the election and the challenger, who does not.

Bio: Steven Prowse was born at a young age in England, won a scholarship to Cambridge. He is an accountant, so he is used to writing fiction. Currently living in Gibraltar where Interpol have yet to catch up with him. Steven is currently steeling himself to becoming a drug user if and when Hollywood beckons.

Email:  jw(at)watsonlittle(dot)com

Contact:  Agent: James Wills - Watson, Little Ltd

Website:  http://www.imdb.me/stevenprowse


2013 Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting – Second Place
Michael Yagnow

Synopsis: When a grieving frontier sheriff succumbs to madness, his unseasoned deputy is forced to confront a pile of corpses and a troubled young barber who possesses an unnatural and homicidal obsession with the suitors of his gorgeous twin sister.

Bio: Michael lives in Brooklyn and is currently preparing to direct a feature film. In addition to WILLiFEST, "Dead Dolores" has won honors from the Austin Film Festival, Bluecat Screenplay Competition, CineStory Screenwriting Awards, Domani Vision Film Society, Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival, Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition, Independent Film Quarterly Festival, and the Toronto International Film and Video Awards.

Email:  michael.yagnow(at)gmail(dot)com


2013 Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting – Third Place
Elizabeth Indianos

Synopsis: Libertaire is the untold story of two crazy guys, Auguste Bartholdi and Joseph Pulitzer, artist and newspaperman, who fight discrimination, indifference and the rich and powerful for a woman nobody wanted, Lady Liberty.

Bio: Elizabeth is a writer and an artist with over 25 years experience creating award winning, public artworks who has heard forever all the reasons why a sublime vision cannot happen. Her plays and scripts are about artists and individuals who believe that all great accomplishments are at first impossible. Ironically, a wisecrack by David Letterman piqued Elizabeth’s interest in writing LIBERTAIRE.

Email:  lizart1(at)mac(dot)com

Website:  http://www.elizabethindianos.com




in alphabetical order

Black Maddy
Writer: Aaron Abdelhak
Contact: aaroninthecity(at)gmail(dot)com
Aaron Abdelhak
Young Maddy and Lily are rescued from an orphanage by a hill country mafia don. Maddy dreams of building her own crime family and Lily dreams of going to the B'nai B'rith Ball. Maddy gets her crime family and must now get Lily out of prison in time for the B'nai B'rith Ball.

Writer: Nat Bouman
Contact: natbouman(at)gmail(dot)com
Nat Bouman
When Tad Finnegan, a lonely boy from a trailer park, meets Jane Spigold, the daughter of mad scientists, they form a powerful bond as they try to escape abuse by fleeing into a twilight fantasy world that may turn out to be real. Ten years after the Spigolds mysteriously vanish, Tad remains haunted by the experience until he is given a strange and dangerous opportunity to reunite with Jane.

Forty Milers
Writer: Yen-Chiao Huang
Contact: zatannah(at)gmail(dot)com
Yen-Chiao Huang
The year is 1905. A traveling circus returns to a small New England town. A lonely hostess reunites with her childhood friend. Together, they must confront the innocent crime they committed 15 years ago.

Hold My Hand
Writer: Conor Walsh

Contact: wconor7(at)gmail(dot)com
Conor Walsh
Two boys struggle to come of age in an environment ridden with crime and deprived of opportunity. Although both have dreams outside of their urban surroundings, the chains of their dysfunctional households and a series of devastating events cause the boys to clash, revealing the secrets of their warring families.

Holy Hell
Writer: Francis Zuccarello
Contact: ancient.astronauts(at)yahoo(dot)com
Francis Zuccarello
For Lent, the alcoholic Father Duffy gives up sex, Father Culangelo, a flagellant, gives up the faith, but a saloon-keeper they call Our Lady, gives up on giving up. Together they form an unlikely trinity against the backdrop of Prohibition-era New York City, as Our Lady steers the priests from their topsy turvy choices towards a highly prized miracle where they get back what they’ve given up.

Writer: Patrick Tobin
Contact: pat(at)patricktobin(dot)net
Patrick Tobin
JUMP is a dark comedy about Claire, a self-destructive woman whose obsession with the suicide of someone in her chronic pain support group leads to a very inappropriate relationship with the dead woman's husband, a drug run to Mexico, and a stop at one of the last drive-in theaters in California. Similar in tone to SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, JUMP is based on the award-winning short story CAKE.

Life More Perfect
Writer: Steve Brechtel
Contact: s.brechtel(at)sbcglobal(dot)net
Steve Brechtel
A perfectionist attempts to find happiness in an alternative virtual reality. She must decide if it is better to live a lie in the overly perfect virtual world, or be true to herself in the imperfect real world - full of hassles and regrets.

Luther's Gang
Writer: Massimiliano Mauceri
Contact: massi(at)quipo(dot)it
Massimiliano Mauceri
Six killers, seven missions, one man to save: the boss' son. Missions follow one after the other in a dramatic succession of action and plot twists marked by deception, lies, and betrayal.

Mass Exodus
Writer: Shaun Delliskave
Contact: stundra(at)aol(dot)com
Shaun Delliskave
Mass Exodus is about an intrepid group in Italy, DELASEM, that helped saved over 20,000 lives during the Holocaust. Their courageous efforts were noted by impressively outwitting their enemy with narrow escapes and cunning plans. Valobra, its brilliant leader, recruits some of Italy's boldest minds. Valobra and his men craft a network to sneak money in to pay for safe houses, bribe public officials, forge documents, and not get caught by Mussolini's henchmen.

Writer: James Hsiao

Contact: james_j_hsiao(at)yahoo(dot)com
James Hsiao

Jamie is a high school track star who, through a series of orthopedic injuries, is introduced to narcotic pain medications. She catches the eye of Tyler, captain of the football team, who, with his own history of sports injuries, already seems well versed in the same medications. As she falls for him, she develops a similar attachment to the drug, leading both to wonder if it’s really love or love for the drug keeping them together. Fighting to stay together, and battling the pressures to succeed in their sports, they eventually find themselves fighting for their lives.

The Party
Writer: Sammy James, Jr.
Contact: therehearsalproduction(at)gmail(dot)com
Sammy James Jr.

An over-achieving punk rocker with obsessive-compulsive disorder must get his band from New York to L.A. in time to play a career-launching gig before the van breaks down, the band breaks up, or their biggest rivals hit the big time first.

William, Will You Dance?
Writer: Mary Huckstep
Contact: yorkhouse(at)dslextreme(dot)com
Mary Huckstep
William, Will You Dance? is a family-friendly comedy about a shy Scots farmer who asks God to teach him all about the ladies so he can meet a good woman and marry her -- not knowing that this will launch him onto a wild, coming-of-age rollercoaster ride at the ripe old age of 38.


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