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Volunteers and interns have a great time and gain experience in producing a film and music festival from the ground up. This experience can easily carry over to the process of producing any other event including films and concerts. This is a high technology event and hence, much will be learned about the current state of technology in the digital film, music and internet industries. Interns assist with administrative duties, event planning and coordination of the festival.

Basic Requirements for all Volunteers and Interns:

  • Must be at least 17 years old
  • Must work a minimum of 5 hours per week
  • Must be available to work a select number of after-hours events
  • Must work a minimum of days over at least two months (flexible)
  • Internships are unpaid

Volunteers/Interns should be Mac & PC literate and have a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Office and digital media. It would be helpful if volunteers and interns possessed their own laptops or other mobile devices (Mac or PC). Volunteers/Interns should be energetic, outgoing and enjoy working with the public and discreet when dealing with notable individuals and celebrities. Additionally, Volunteers/Interns should have excellent written and oral communications skills, phone manners and organizational abilities.

Positions Available:

Festival Volunteers/Interns:

  • Assists in entering and tracking festival submissions
  • Assists in organizing and communicating with screening committees
  • Assists in communicating with filmmakers before, during and after the festival
  • Assists in screening logistics during the festival
  • Basic understanding of digital media formats a plus
  • Participates in street teams promoting the event in a grassroots marketing campaign

Communications Volunteers/Interns:

  • Assists in maintaining and updating website
  • Assists in maintaining the WILLiFEST presence on the web, including Social Media
  • Assists in writing basic event announcements and press releases not covered by PR
  • Assists in creating marketing materials including flyers, posters and other ancillaries
  • Proficiency with Photoshop and Illustrator preferred, but not required
  • Assist in documenting events, including some filming and photography

Administrative Volunteers/Interns:

  • Assist Festival Director and staff
  • Maintenance of general email requests
  • Assist with organizational bookkeeping, including deposits and billing
  • Assist with request for organizational information
  • Maintenance of filing system and archives
  • Database maintenance and data entry
  • Maintain confidentially in matters of budget and financial information
  • Work constructively and diplomatically with staff, venues and filmmakers

Application process and requesting info:

Email us at [email protected]. When emailing resume, please include in your email when you will be available to assist (be specific as possible), the minimum number of hours required and what your interests are. If you have been referred to us by an educational institution or charitable organization, please mention the referral and whether you are volunteering or seeking a school internship. Positions are assigned on an as-needed basis and by skill level reflected in applicant's resume.

Thank you for your interest in joining the WILLiFEST team.


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